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About us

A couple of friends getting together.  Children playing and running around. A newborn baby in a carrier. Easy Peasy Play began over a casual discussion around a dinner table.
At the time, Deidré’s baby was around 3 months old, and she was wondering what the best way would be to spend quality time with her. She was looking for something fun but also something that would assist her bub’s development while she is playing and spending time with her. Being a qualified Audiologist and Speech-Language therapist and working closely with various other medical practitioners, she had many ideas regarding what she would like to see in a product, however, her efforts to find something on the market that would tick all her boxes, were in vain.
Deidré started talking about all her ideas, and Yolande shared how overwhelmed she was when she became a mum.  Many mums go into this hood we call motherhood with expectations. They wonder what they will be like as a mum, they think about what feelings they will feel and even what their baby will be like.  However, Yolande realised that her idea of motherhood and the reality of what it is really like being a parent were two vastly different things. As incredible as it was to become a mum, Yolande was faced with many challenges on a daily basis. 
She was so overwhelmed that she did not know how to interact with or how to spend quality time with her baby. She did not realise that she could play with her newborn baby and contribute to her development even though she was only 6 weeks old. She then imagined how much easier her motherhood journey would have been, if something that Deidré was describing, was readily available.  And this is how Easy Peasy Play started. A need together with an expectation to spread some love and educate new mums.  A hope that such a product could support new mums (as well as caregivers and parents alike) in their motherhood journey. To spread the art of meaningful play. 
Over the course of a few coffee dates, a great deal of research and insights from early learning experts, they knew that together they would transform this idea into a reality. And together, with the support of their families and village of mum friends, they did. Because let's face it, it takes a village to raise a child. We hope that Easy Peasy Play can be an extension of your village.